I am finally back into my normal weekly routine…work, gym or yoga, glass of wine, TV, sleep.  It is not easy to settle back into this after being away for so long.  Trips like this make me wish that I had the guts to take a break from corporate America and either travel the world or stay in a Caribbean locale for a few months and experience true local culture.

Right now I am going to write about Day one of our trip.  To get to the DR we had fly through New York – so RG and I took this opportunity to make it an overnight layover and enjoy an evening out in what I believe is one of the best cities in the world! Since it was a short stay why not experience somewhere new…Brooklyn.

As most of my friends and family know (and anyone who read my previous post) about a year ago RG and I tried to relocate to NYC, but instead found opportunities in Atlanta that we couldn’t pass up.  We would have lived in Brooklyn, probably Williamsburg, so we took this night to explore what we are missing out on.

Destination: Brooklyn, New York

Hotel: Nu Hotel

Hotel Experience: A

Our flight was delayed so didn’t end up checking in until 11pm and had a wake-up call at 5:30am.  That being said we didn’t spend much time at Nu hotel, but the time we did was great.  I would say the location of the hotel is not ideal, but hey is anywhere really in a major city? It is across the street from what I think was a detention center.

The hotel is very modern, a little hipster-ish, but very nice and clean. The art hung on the walls is pretty unique, and even included a quote from Spike Lee. The rooms are larger than your average NYC hotel room, which was definitely a positive surprise. They funniest part was we didn’t even stay long enough for a shift change, but the man at the front desk who checked us in, gave us a wake-up call, and checked us out was great. Very friendly and even gave us cookies when we came in from the bar at 2:30 am!

Not a great shot, but our room at Nu Hotel

I wish we had gotten in a little earlier so we could have grabbed a bit to eat before heading to the bar. Our night was quick, we checked into the hotel, changed and headed out to make the most of it. We headed to a bar called Berry Park in Williamsburg. It was about a five minute cab ride from the hotel, but was ranked as Brooklyn’s best bar view of Manhattan’s sky-line. My apologies, I don’t have any pictures from here, I forgot my camera at the hotel. I did feel a little over-dressed, I pulled together what I thought was my best NYC outfit, but when we walked in it was definitely more of a hipster low-key place. The view was great, the drinks were cheap (for NY) and they even had a photo booth!  That was definitely the highlight of my night.

“My NYC outfit”

Overall we had a great time – the 5:30am wake-up call came way too early, and we spent more money on cab rides than we did on food/drinks.  If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.  I would definitely stay at Nu Hotel again, if for nothing else than the soft chocolate chip cookies late night! I love our photo booth photos and Berry Park was a fun spot for a drink. I have no regrets, but next time we have just a few hours to enjoy the city I will plan on Manhattan…nothing beats the energy and a night out on the town there…except how thin your wallet is when you are done!

Berry Park Photobooth

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