Chomp & Stomp

I hope you all had a great weekend.  RG and I decided to head to an annual chili cook off festival, Chomp and Stomp on Saturday.  The day started off a bit cool, but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful 77 degree day.  RG and I headed down to Cabbagetown on our own with plans to sample some chili, listen to live music and head out early for a relaxing night at home.  Needless to say the day got away from us and we stayed out much later than planned…we started with the chili tasting.

Beautiful fall day…perfect for some chili and beer!

There were some hits and misses, I am sure it must be very difficult to make such a large batch of chili that is portable and stays warm.  It seemed a lot of the vendors got carried away with the spices.  I was going to wait until after the chili tasting to start drinking, but the spiciness of the chili made me give in early.  My favorite turned out to be from Six Feet Under.  I was already a fan of this restaurant, but their chili stood out.  It was not too spicy and didn’t have any crazy additives…it tasted like what your grandmother would make on a cold fall day.  What made it even better is they had a chili bar…shredded cheese, onions, sour cream AND hush puppies!!  They are the only place that had the fixin’s.

After the chili tasting we ran into some good friends in the park, lounged and listened to music.  They had a number of bluegrass bands playing and it was nice to just relax and listen. I actually got a little sunburned the sun was beating so hard!  From here we ended up at a local bar drinking 64 ounce margaritas, a friend’s house party and finally Claremont Lounge (see previous post about this joint).  I am not proud to tell you about the last stop, I promise we don’t frequent it that much…but it does seem that whenever our friends go they call us!  All in all it was a really fun day of eating, drinking, and catching up with friends.  Cheers!

Best Chili – Six Feet Under
Blue grass band at a random house
Blue Grass Band
SweetWater – Official beer sponsor

Listening to music from the roof
64 oz margarita 🙂

Cabbagetown – site of all the debauchery

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