It’s election day . . . get out there and vote!

As I sit here on my lunch break I thought it was important to share a little something with you.  I am not one to voice my political opinions on social networks or even here on my own blog.  I believe everyone has a right to their views, even if I do not agree with them…but I do think everyone should get out there, vote, and make your opinion matter!!

RG and I headed to the polls bright and early, getting there at 7:30am…I really thought we would beat the crowd.  Not so much!  When we got there the line was already outside and we ended up standing in the pouring rain for about 45 minutes, then another 45 minutes inside the precinct.  But it is worth it, every election is important and every person deserves the right to cast their vote.  We were feeling good about getting out there and wanted to pass along something positive when we left.  RG found a young woman huddling under a towel trying to stay dry and gave her our umbrella…I hope she passed it along to someone when she leaves. That’s what this day is about, coming together as a country and making each of our voices heard.

Now, who wants to join me for wine and election night coverage tonight?!?!  Hopefully we’ll know the result, but it sounds like it may take longer than just a night.

I voted!
Part of the line I waited in outside in the rain…

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