My mom has taught me . . .

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  My mom’s birthday was on Saturday, she ended up having to work and is celebrating today instead.  Over the years she has been the rock in our family and a role model for me and my brothers.  We have all learned so much from her and in honor of her birthday, I wanted to tell you some of the things she that I have taken with me.  I am sure I will continue to learn so much from her.

Me and my mom

My mom has taught me…

* Friends may come and go, but you can always count on family

* To love unconditionally

* Don’t take yourself too seriously

* Always write thank you notes

* It is ok to cry

* Once in a while take the time send someone a hand written letter

* Never give a gift expecting something in return

* It is ok to ask for help…this is still one I am working on : )

* Politeness will always get you further than aggression

* It is ok to keep things to yourself, like who you voted for in the Presidential election

* Stay true to yourself and what feels right to you

* It is ok if you hit the curb, that is what they are there for

* Always eat cake on your birthday

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