The best things that happened to me in 2012

When the clock strikes midnight it will officially be 2013, how did this happen?!?!  Since I was a kid people have always told me, “The older you get the fast time flies by.”  Until this year I didn’t really see how true that statement is.  I feel like on NYE  last year I blinked and it is already about to be 2013.  Yet so many things happened in that blink.  I am excited about the new year and all of the exciting adventures that are to come.

This has been a great year for me and I wanted to share with you my favorite things from 2012.

Kicked off the year with family

NYE at the Kennedy Center with my family...don't judge us, it was late!
Don’t judge us, it was late!

I have met some amazing people this year that will be life-long friends.  After college and organize sports it gets more difficult to meet people who will make a difference in our lives.  I was fortunate to get a new job and move into a great apartment building that introduced us to one-of-a-kind people and began very strong friendships.

Watched my youngest brother graduate from college…we are all grown up!

I had my one year marriage anniversary! It is said that marriage can change people and the first year can be the hardest.  I think the total opposite happened to us, if it was possible RG and I are even closer than we were.  I don’t know what we did to deserve each other, but I am so glad we are on this journey together.

We witnessed four amazing couples tie the knot and live happily ever after. We regrettably had to miss two other weddings, but were definitely there in spirit.

Travel adventures – I have been fortunate to visit many places this year including Aruba, a Texas rodeo, the Georgia wineries, and the Dominican Republic

RG and they guys diving into the Aruban waters
RG and they guys diving into the Aruban waters

Switched jobs…after seven years with one company it was refreshing to begin again somewhere else. I definitely miss my old job and co-workers but would not have changed my decision.

Moved into a fabulous apartment walking distance to some of my favorite restaurants, shops and watering holes.

View from my favorite local restaurant - P'Cheen
View from my favorite local restaurant – P’Cheen

Took on a new appreciation for music, ventured out and began listening to new bands and genres.

Alabama Shakes, Music Midtown, Phish, Drive By Truckers, Brad Paisley concerts included!

Made a very big decision that will bring on new adventures and changes, starting in 2013!  More on this to come…

What do you think about this post? Let me know!

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