It’s a new year!

Happy new year!!

I hope have all had a fabulous new year so far.  I am really excited about 2013, I know it will bring lots of adventures and changes to my life.  I am usually one for making resolutions and quickly breaking them.  So instead I have decided not to make the standard resolutions, but instead just try to be a more appreciative, calm and healthy person.  I am not going to work out every day, but I hope to a few times a week.  I am not going to cut alcohol out of my life, but maybe cut back a little.  I need to learn to take deep breaths and just appreciate things as they are and not try to make everything perfect.  That is what I want to bring to my new year.

I rang in the new year at our neighborhood go-to P’Cheen with great friends.  It was a relatively early night for NYE and I was able to get up and going without an excruciating hangover the next day.  Exactly how I wanted to spend my new year!  Here are some fun shots from our evening out…

Instead of going glitzy I went bright
Instead of going glitzy I went bright




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