It’s official . . . we are off to Thailand!

WE ARE PACKING OUR BAGS AND MOVING TO THAILAND!!!Yes, you read that correctly…RG and I have decided to head abroad for the next year.  I am SO excited and nervous at the same time.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had to jump on it, I mean how often do you have the opportunity to pick up and move to Asia and live on the beach for a year?!?!

By no means was this an overnight or easy decision, we have thought long and hard about it…including the possible effects to our careers, how hard it will be to leave behind our precious pup Marley, and if we are really up for the challenge.  When we first started throwing this idea around we had no idea that everything would fall into place so easily for us.  We do want to start a family and settle down, and this just feels like the perfect last hurrah before our next chapter.  It all became real on Friday when I walked into work and officially put in my resignation.  While we have been working towards this for months, the excitement and realization I felt putting in a two-week notice cannot be described easily.  It was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders…I have worked very hard to build my career over the past ten years and it is so refreshing to take a break to do something for me (and RG), something that will change our lives forever.

Our plan in a nutshell is to fly out in mid to late March (we are flying standby so are very flexible), stay in Bangkok for about a week to explore, travel and learn the Thai culture. From there we will take our time heading down south with our final destination being Phuket.  Along the way we will visit the pristine beaches, Buddhist temples and anything else that captures our attention during the trip.  Once we arrive in Phuket we will set up camp (not really camp, but find a semi-permanent place to stay for a while), learn the lay out of the city and begin the hunt for jobs. We have been certified to teach English and have been set up with a list of the top schools to reach out to.  From everyone we have talked to and all the research done it seems much easier to find a job once you are actually there than from abroad…apparently there are a lot of Americans and Brits who apply for a job, accept it, and then never show up.

Over the next couple of weeks I will explain more about how we chose Thailand, Phuket in particular, why this decision is right for us at this time and how excited we are. I hope you will follow our adventure, as I will be documenting it all here.  I am sure there will many ups and downs along the way and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

ไชโย – chịyo – cheers!

4 thoughts on “It’s official . . . we are off to Thailand!

      1. 1. Find yourself a trusty laundry lady straight away. Random laundromats are known for ‘losing’ clothes so find one and be super loyal to her. Mine became a second mother to me I still miss her terribly.

        2. Eat everything off the street stalls, it really is the freshest and best food.


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