Why we decided to move to Thailand at this point in our lives

This quote inspires me every time I read it.  I know we are taking a big risk by moving across the world to Thailand, but if we didn’t take this opportunity I also know we would regret it for the rest of our lives.  I can’t lie and say I don’t have hesitations and there isn’t a part of me that sometimes asks “are we really doing this?  are we crazy?”  But I know that this will enrich our lives, bring us even closer together, and give us an experience that will forever change our lives.

Believe me, I understand that people don’t get how we can walk away from our careers and normal lives.  And to be honest I never thought I would be able to.  I wasn’t the girl who grew up dreaming of becoming an actress or pop star, I grew up wanting to be a career woman…to wear stilettos with a pencil skirt and silk blouse and own a conference room.  The confidence this “career woman” exuded was something I always looked up to.  So when I graduated from college instead of backpacking through Europe or living at the beach for a few months I jumped right into my career.  Now, over nine years later I still love the feeling of putting on a power suit, walking into a meeting and presenting to a team of people…but I have learned that the stilettos hurt after a couple of hours (wedges are the way to go), your sweat will show in a silk shirt after running through the airport to catch a flight, and that conference room is usually filled with people who cannot make an immediate decision.   I no longer want my entire life to be about my career, I want it to be about experiences. Now don’t get me wrong, after this year abroad I will probably be back in my suit running through an airport for a quick trip to visit clients.  I just hope the advertising industry has not moved on too much without me…I will have more interesting stories to tell in these meetings though!

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