Until Thailand…

Well, it’s really happening!  As I type this we are sitting in the Delta Skyclub having a drink and waiting patiently to see if we will have seats on our first flight leg through Tokyo…flying standby is always a gamble, but definitely worth it since we have flexibility.

With as much preparation as we have put in over the past few months it really still hasn’t really sunk in that we are heading to Asia for a year.  I am super excited and scared at the same time.  This is going to be an adventure!  When we first started packing I felt really good about myself…all of my clothes fit in one suitcase and all I had left were toiletries.  But who knew how many toiletries we had planned to take! Between the two of us RG and I checked four bags, all at the 50 lb weight limit (some maybe slightly over, but shhhhh don’t tell!), on top of that we have two carry-ons each.  WAY more stuff than I had planned!  But I still think we did good for being gone for a year.

My one suitcase of clothes...that ended up being 60 lbs! How do clothes weigh so much?!?!
My one suitcase of clothes…that ended up being 60 lbs! How do clothes weigh so much?!?!
Our four carry-on bags...you should see the checked ones.
Our four carry-on bags…you should see the checked ones.

Besides packing our luggage we had to pack a POD with all of our worldly belongings.  I reserved the largest one they had at 16 ft. long and 10 ft. high…boy that looks a lot smaller than it sounds.  You could barely fit a pillow in it when we were done.  When I say “we” I really mean the movers…that were horrible!  But I won’t even go there today.  So now we have this POD in a storage facility in Atlanta that is holding everything we have to our name except what is with us.


It is crazy how much stuff you can accumulate and tuck in a closet or nook and not even realize.  But we have successfully down-sized and are ready to head to Thailand!  Fortunately we were able to squeeze in time with good friends along the way.  This past week was full of packing, saying good-bye and cheersing to good friends.  We will miss everyone we have met and grown close to along the way.  But this is definitely not good-bye, we will be back to visit in October!

By far the hardest part was leaving Marley behind, but I think it was harder on us than her.  I won’t lie I had to choke back some tears as we pulled out of Nashville.  But she is in a loving home and has a cousin to hang out with.  We even tried to FaceTime and say good-bye this morning with her, but she wanted to play with Bentley.  I can’t blame her.  We joke that she is having her college experience now and will move back in with her parents after : )

RG saying good-bye to Mar
RG saying good-bye to Mar
Our last family photo until October
Our last family photo until October
Marley and her BFF
Marley and her BFF
Farewell drinks at P'Cheen
Farewell drinks at P’Cheen


Lets Dance!
Lets Dance!


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