Bangkok, Day 2…Success!

After a relaxing night at the hotel, our second day in Bangkok could only be better than the first.  We rose early, ate an amazing buffet breakfast at the hotel…so much better than the one we had in Japan…and decided to be tourists. We were heading to a few Buddhist Temples, and planned to explore the history of this town.

Well, we made it about a block down the street and then didn’t know which way to follow the map. I do admit I am not great at reading a map, but in my defense there is very little English.  A very kind local man stopped and helped point us in the right direction.  We talked to him a bit about America and were on our way.  Shortly after we decided to jump in a Tuk Tuk and for 40 Baht (equivalent of less than $2) was taken on a tour of five temples…Success!

Our tuk tuk
Our tuk tuk

We rode around with our Tuk Tuk driver, Hannah, for almost four hours.  He not only took us to Temples and Shrines, but also brought us to a legit tailor to have a custom suit made for RG and even taught us a few phrases in Thai.  This was definitely a step up from day one.

RG driving the tuk tuk
RG driving the tuk tuk

We were back at the hotel in time for lunch…ordering a few appetizers and beers to cool down.  The heat here is something I have never experienced before, couple it with the smog and I swear I am taking three showers a day!  We met another couple from Canada at the pool and hit it off over beers.  They were the first real English speakers we have met.  They had just checked in and were planning to explore the area like we had the day before.  We wished them better luck than we had and decided to head back out ourselves.  This time I was determined to find Khoa San Road…the back-packers district.  Not afraid to look like tourists this time we had our map in-hand and ventured out.

After a short ten minute stroll it was like we walked into a totally different city.  There were tourists everywhere, restaurants and bars on both sides of the road and massages available on every corner!  It honestly reminds me a bit of China Town in NYC…slightly over-whelming and intense.  You probably wouldn’t want to spend every day here, but it is an experience.  After a little exploration we headed back to the hotel, picked up our new Canadian friends and headed back out.  The four of us ended up grabbing dinner and drinks and wandering around together…until I had one too many beers and needed to crash. The heat mixed with alcohol didn’t sit too well with me, I was in bed before 9pm!

Overall, day 2 was a success…

Three rings for good energy
Three rings for good energy
Us in the tuk tuk
Us in the tuk tuk
Ring for good energy and luck
Ring for good energy and luck





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