One month abroad

One month ago today we turned in the keys to our awesome apartment in Atlanta, packed up a rental SUV with four HUGE suit cases and headed to the airport.  While we didn’t get out of the country as planned that day our adventure began.  I cannot believe that we have been living out of suitcases and traveling South East Asia for an entire month!  Time really has flown by…


I have no regrets about packing up and moving to Thailand, it feels like I have conquered a fear and I am ready to keep on conquering it.  While I wasn’t scared about this journey I was naturally a bit hesitant once it started to become a reality.  Taking a hiatus from my career and moving across the world without a job or a real plan is the biggest risk I have ever taken. But it has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made and going on this adventure with my best friend, my husband and the love of my life has made it that much more exciting.  This won’t be a long post, I just wanted to give you a quick update on our journey so far…


  • Countries visited: Two – Japan, Thailand
  • Number of beds slept in: Seven plus one airport bench and a sleeper train
  • Suitcase count: One suitcase, two duffel bags and two backpacks *see the picture above for the initial luggage we began with…two suitcases, two duffel bags, one backpack and three carry-on bags
  • Jobs – Not yet, but we have received a couple of offers on the table and expect the one we really want to come in today (we would both be working at the same place!)
  • Books finished: Nicole – Three:  I’d Know you Anywhere, Defending Jacob, and Bangkok 8; RG – Two: Bangkok 8, La Roja
    • Currently reading: Nicole – The Book Thief; RG – Little Bee
  • Squatter Toilets: Nicole – 1; RG – 3
  • Favorite Temple/Shrine so far: Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple)
  • Sicknesses/Ailments: Nicole – sick twice, bruised elbow and knuckles; RG – sick once, bruised elbow
  • Other observations, notes and fun facts about Thailand:


    • It was incredibly sad what happened last week in Boston, my heart goes out to all of our family, friends and everyone else in that great city.  Watching a terrorist attack from abroad is very different.  Everyone in the world had their thoughts and prayers in Boston, that was evident even from a small village in Thailand. What was the hardest thing about watching it from here is missing the feeling of patriotism that comes after a terrible event like that.  Everyone coming together and putting their political beliefs aside to support their home country is something that doesn’t happen as often as it should.
    • On a less serious note…we brought way too much stuff! Next week a box will be packed up and shipped home with what is not needed.  I mean, what I was thinking bringing so many pairs of flip flops?!?!
    • Knives are hard to come by in Thailand…a fork and spoon is the most you will receive at a meal.  It was a process for us to find one to buy just so we could cut into a pineapple!
    • Street lanes mean absolutely nothing, scooters drive in the break-down lane and cars/taxis drive wherever they can to get by
    • Cab drivers in Bangkok are nothing like those in NYC, DC or any other major US city…they have no idea how to get anywhere!  How is that possible???
    • I will never be caught without toilet paper or tissues in my purse again…lesson learned on the bus ride to Phuket!
    • Everything smells here…
    • Thai food will never be the same for us, the flavors here just don’t exist back home
    • I actually have a tan…for those of you that know me, this is huge!  And I got it while reapplying 50 spf at least three times a day.  RG has an awesome tan and I will forever be jealous of how easily that comes to him.
The happy traveling couple :)
The happy traveling couple 🙂

10 thoughts on “One month abroad

  1. wow, has it been a month already since i met you two at LAX waiting, hoping, waiting, hoping to get on a flight to Tokyo for the second leg of your adventure. we both made it there (to Japan) but i am already home and back to my not-so-adventurous life here in LA. i am happy to have met you two and happy i could help out a little at the beginning of your adventure. i hope we can meet again someday, somewhere…Thailand, Japan, LA, Atlanta or perhaps you can accompany me on one of my flights to Europe…i can get you a “guest pass” on my airline…”standby” of course : ) until then i will look forward to your next blog post or email. be safe, be happy.

    1. It so great to meet you too! We had quite the adventure together in LA and Haneida, and we couldn’t have gotten through that night at the airport without you. Thank you!! We followed your travels through Japan as well. We will definitely have to keep in touch, and hopefully our paths will cross again soon!

  2. Glad to hear you’re having a good time. I laughed out loud about taking too much stuff. More important to save room to bring stuff back. 😉
    I’m excited to hear about your new jobs and further adventures!

    1. I know, I know!!! But in my defense one of the bags is filled with school supplies for when we start teaching… But I definitely would have left a lot of these clothes/shoes behind if only I had realized how painful it is to carry it all around. Keep me updated if you plan that trip to India in the fall, we would love to meet up over here!

      1. I have viewed the Mekong many times from Nong Khai and Phon Phisai. I’ve maliny been sat at market restaurants and once in the Tha Sadet market in Nong Khai myself and Wi were sat there eating fish looking at the quiet waters when all of a sudden a storm brewed on the Laos side and then whoosh, it whipped across the water and battered Nong Khai for a good twenty minutes. It was awesome. The river is a big big economic source for traders on both sides of the Mekong but when I look over at Laos I can’t help but think as much as Thailand has its troubles Laos lags a long way behind in the standard of life its people live. A river that in someways divides two very different ways of life..-= Martynb4s last blog .. =-.

  3. Love the post Nicole. It looks like you guys are having a blast, cant wait to hear more stories from your adventure. Stay safe.


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