A quick update


I am so sorry for my long absence…these past two weeks have been insane. In a good way though! This post is going to be short because I am writing this as I sit in a restaurant sipping on Beerloas (local beer in Loas) waiting for my lunch to arrive.

RG and I have indeed found jobs and will begin teaching English to young innocent Thai children beginning tomorrow. Wish us luck! We are very excited and know this is an opportunity to teach and mentor young ones and do not take that lightly. When we accepted these jobs we knew we had to make the most of our last weeks of freedom and hit the backpacking circuit. We went island hopping to be exact! We left all of our large luggage with the family who owned our rented apartment in Phucket and jumped on a ferry. To be honest I wish we had done this a while ago, it was so hard to leave!

A brief recap of our adventures….I promise I will have in detail posts soon. We spent three nights in Koh Phi Phi…where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. Stay tuned for some awesome pics from that island! Then we spent three nights in Koh Lanta which was amazing, we chilled on the beach, frolicked under waterfalls and rode an elephant. I really could live here. From there we headed back to Phi Phi for a couple nights to do some snorkeling and have a last hurrah. We met some fun Americans to hang out with…it was nice to have something in common with folks again and no language barrier. From there we headed back to Phuket for a night to collect our belongings and unfortunately let a bought of food poisoning pass with me. We then took an overnight bus to Bangkok (the train is MUCH more comfortable), spent a day looking for apartments and then flew to Laos to get long term visas. Whew! Just writing all that exhausts me.

So here we are in Laos, visas in hand, eating a very European lunch (who would’ve thought), about to jump on a plane back to Bangkok to start work bright and early tomorrow. Wish us luck!

I promise once we are settled over the next few days I will post more updates on our adventures and tons of pictures.

We desperately miss our pup Marley but get regular updates and she is loving life in Nashville.


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