Two months abroad

I know I have been a horrible blogger lately, and I promise that will change here quickly.  Over the past week RG and I have settled into an apartment and into working…it is definitely a change of pace to have to be up at 6am but it is a nice change of pace.  We are really enjoying Bangkok, it is a bustling city with tons of energy.  People work harder than I’ve ever seen but they play just as hard, it seems the bars here never shut down.  I have so much more to fill you in on, from our island hopping to our teaching, so please bear with me and stick around while I catch up on blogging!

It has been a little over two months since we kissed the States goodbye, and these months have flown by.  Here is a little recap of the past two months…

Our first night island hopping in South Thailand
Our first night island hopping in South Thailand
  • Countries visited: Four – Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Laos
  • Number of beds slept in: Sixteen plus one airport bench, a sleeper train and a night bus
  • Suitcase count: One now-broken suitcase, two duffel bags and two backpacks *The island hopping and traveling we did was solely with our backpacks, hence why we are always wearing the same outfits
  • Jobs – Yes!  We are teaching at local Bangkok schools…more on this to come
  • Books finished:
    • Nicole – Five:  I’d Know you Anywhere, Defending Jacob, Bangkok 8, The Book Thief, and The Westing Game
    • RG – Three: Bangkok 8, La Roja, and Little Bee
    • Our reading has slowed down since we began working, but we are both currently reading Bangkok Tattoo, the sequel to Bangkok 8
  • Squatter Toilets: Nicole – 4; RG – ? *These are disgusting and I plan to never use one again!!!
  • Favorite Temple/Shrine so far: Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple) – This has not changed, but we did see some beautiful shrines in Laos
  • Sicknesses/Ailments: Nicole – sick twice, food poisoning once, lots of bumps and bruises; RG – sick once, sinus infection once and some bruises along the way…this will probably increase significantly now that we are around young ones daily
  • Other observations, notes and fun facts about Thailand:
    • Cheese is impossible to come by.  We were able to find some good imported cheese and pay a premium for it, but it is so worth it.
    • The smells have not gotten any better…
    • Chang Beer (a local Thai beer) makes you feel like a zombie the next day, stick with Singha if you can
    • There are stray cats and dogs everywhere…and they are so used to the street they know when to stop for cars and how to cross a street
    • McDonalds and Burger King just is not the same in foreign countries, but Dairy Queen is still amazing
    • Our tans have faded…but with an infinity pool at our apartment I hope they will be coming back soon
    • Food is incredibly spicey, and I like spice but this is to another level

That is all for now, but updates to come soon.  Happy Memorial Day!!

Monkey Beach...a monkey drinking a soda
Monkey Beach…a monkey drinking a soda
Monkey Beach
Monkey Beach

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