Chatuchak Weekend Market

Is there something you want? Need? Anything at all? I would wager that whatever it is you can find it at Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market. After two trips here I still haven’t seen everything it has to offer.  Just taking two steps out of the train station and you may be overwhelmed…there are lines of unofficial stalls, buses in mass dropping off shoppers and food stalls as far as the eye can see. At first glance you may even think you have arrived but don’t be fooled, head straight about three blocks and you will come to the actual market.

Walk from subway to the market
Before you even get to the weekend market…chaos and shopping galore
Construction boots anyone?
Construction boots anyone?

This is like Scott’s Antique market in Atlanta on steroids. It is over 27 acres of booths, restaurants, atms and people. You can find everything from oversized oil paintings to refurbished wood frames to hand-made dining room tables, work boots and even a cat or dog to adopt. I didn’t realize how much I “needed” until coming here.

Pet adoption?
Pet adoption?

I would advise to go when you don’t have somewhere to be, I can’t tell you how easy it is to get lost and lose three hours of your day here (or more).  Also, be prepared to be a bit aggressive, or have patience, you may have to push your way through some tight corners.  And don’t forget your negotiation skills!  Everything is negotiable.  Between our first two trips we have purchased candles, a refurbished/distressed wood frame, a couple of dresses, a few t-shirts, small dishes and some work out clothing. But let me tell you we will be back and purchasing more soon!

And don’t forget to come hungry, one of the best parts is the food. Rumor has it there is an amazing seafood selection but we haven’t made it there yet. We did though find authentic paella. RG swears this is the best he has had since he lived in Spain.  I can vouch that it is pretty amazing!  We found this gem of a spot on or first trip, and the second time we tried somewhere else…after being slightly disappointed we headed back for round two of paella. Paired with a cold beer on a hot day, it cannot be beat. Except maybe by the coconut ice cream in a coconut…but that can be reserved for dessert.

Paella is ready!
Paella is ready!

Without a doubt if you find yourself in Bangkok over a weekend make your way here to mingle with the locals and foreigners alike. It is right off the Mo Chit BTS stop…so there is no excuse!  See you there next weekend ; )

Chatuchak Weekend Market


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