Ten random things about Thailand

I like to make lists…I make lists of everything, from daily and weekly to-do lists to places I want to visit lists to lists of my random thoughts. Today I thought I would put together a list of random things I have learned or noticed while in Thailand. So here goes, I hope you enjoy…

  1. Monks cannot have any physical contact with a woman, even a handshake, it is believed that any touch could lead to desire or lustful thoughts.
  2. Thai is a tonal language, be careful! Dog and horse are the same word with different tones…
  3. Beer is served over ice…it’s better than you would expect.
  4. Umbrellas are used more for sun than rain, and the sun is always shining here!
  5. The easiest way to get around is via motorbike (scooter) taxi – also the scariest and number one cause of injury and death in Thailand.
  6. Wednesdays are the day for movies…cinemas offer movie tickets for 100THB or $3.30 – we have already seen ‘Now you see me,’ ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Fast and Furious 6,’ and ‘World War Z!’
  7. Alcohol is sold from 11am – 2pm and 5pm-12am…I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to buy beer or wine between 2pm and 5pm…worse than the old Sunday law in Georgia!
  8. Soap, toilet paper and napkins are few and far between. Make sure to have some tissues and hand sanitizer in your pocket at all times! I still do not understand why restaurants do not regularly have napkins and bathrooms are without toilet paper.
  9. Thailand’s King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, was actually born in Massachusetts.
  10. There is no equivalent to “Bless you” in Thai when you sneeze…how rude!
Umbrella please
Umbrella please
Ice cold beer, that is all slush/ice not foam
Ice cold beer, that is all slush/ice not foam


One thought on “Ten random things about Thailand

  1. Hahahahaha-we have the umbrella one here too! Haven’t adopted it yet although I think it would be more comfortable. Not sure i would try the beer over ice… If you remember in college I drank my beer room temperature, and GOD GEORGIA’S BEER LAWS SUCK!!

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