Products I am loving right now

I am much more of an online shopper than in-store, Amazon Prime has really spoiled me with same day and next day shipping. Because of the ease and efficiency of online shopping and returns I tend to purchase and try out products that I wouldn’t otherwise. So I thought I would share some of my recent favorites that will undoubtedly stick around for a while.

Anthropologie candle – I wouldn’t necessarily call myself high-strung, but I do find it difficult to relax and calm down sometimes. I am working hard on figuring out how what relaxes me and will help me destress, especially with a baby coming any day. On thing that has helped a lot recently is calming scents and candles. My mom and I were walking around Ponce City Market in Atlanta a few months ago and popped into Anthropologie and I found this candle and immediately knew it would become one of my favorites. 

Vitamix Blender – I have wanted this blender for years but could never justify spending so much money on it. A few months ago a friend of mine got one for her birthday and raved about it so I convinced RG that we needed to bite the bullet and order one for ourselves. And let me tell you, I use this ALL THE TIME! From morning smoothies, to hot soup (it heats and blends at the same time for soup) and applesauce. I can’t wait to use this to make baby food and so much more, it has even replaced our food processor. This will remain a staple item in my kitchen for many years…alongside the KitchenAid Mixer.

S’well Bottle – For a water bottle these can seem expensive, but they keep your drink cold for so much longer than any other water bottle I have ever tried. I am not a huge water drinker so I usually end up carrying around the same bottle all day and by the time I finish it the water has long been room temperature…I really love that now it still has a chill to it. I drink so much more water than I used to with this.

Nest Security Camera – When we moved into our house about a year ago we invested in the Nest Thermostat and LOVE it, so when we began looking at security cameras after comparing many of the leading brands we settled on Nest since we are already familiar with their app and technology. These cameras are great, the picture is clear and the wide angle allows us to see the entire living room and kitchen. And the sound and motion detectors are very sensitive. I am actually considering using the second one as a baby monitor initially.

Amazon Dash Buttons – This is purely out of convenience. I feel like I am constantly running out, or getting low on, our household staples like paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper. But these buttons make it so easy to avoid that, you set up these buttons to your wi-fi and just push the button when you need to order more and it’s there within 48 hours – Amazon Prime again 🙂 I do wish their product list was a little more expansive or that you could set up multiple products for each button, like zip-lock bags – I usually need two sizes but can only set it up for one. These are new though so I am sure they will evolve over time.

Go Pro – I am still learning how to use this, but once I get used to it I think this will definitely become a staple in our household and travel adventures – especially when it comes to video.

Extra long phone cord – I know this sounds like not a big deal, but for years I have been using the charging cord that comes with an iPhone. And every morning when I want to check the time, read the news or check in on social media I end up pulling the cord out of the wall because it just doesn’t quite reach my bed. With this cord I never have that problem anymore, and looking to my upcoming delivery in the hospital I have no idea how far away an outlet will be from the bed…


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