Friday Reads

Happy Friday! I cannot believe the weekend is already here, this week completely got away from me – as most have been lately. When I have a lot going on I think it’s important to take a few minutes for myself – whether it’s reading an article I saved days before, having a quite glass of wine, or just catching up on the news. That said, I thought I would share a few links to what I’ve been reading during these short moments lately.  I hope you enjoy.

As part of my goal to work out more often and get myself back into shape I’ve been wanting to take up running. The hard part with this is that I just do not enjoy running, but hopefully this guide and these tips will help change that.

This is so appropriate for me right now. Most of the time Jackson is adorable and lights up my day, but we have our moments and tantrums and mischievousness are starting to begun part of our daily routines.

Hilarious, No words necessary.

How amazing is this?!  I hope for their parent’s sake some financial aide come through for them!

Interesting look back at all that’s happened during your life and how it’s shaped your generation.

Explore your life in history

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