Finishing the Carriage House

We toured a lot of homes when we were in the market to buy and what really set the house we ended up purchasing apart was a detached garage and unfinished carriage house above.  Since we moved in, over two and a half years ago, finishing out the carriage house has been something we wanted to do but it didn’t become a priority until we had Jackson and could really use the extra space. I’m so excited to share pictures with the space, as we’re about 99% finished!

For the past six months we’ve been slowly working on the carriage house. It has definitely been a process, in the beginning Ryan and I were going to act as the General Contractor to both save a little money and ensure that our vision was being carried out. However, after the first couple of months we realized that’s a lot harder and time consuming than expected and we ended up bringing in a Contractor to finish up the job. Overall we’ve been pleased with the results, there are still a few little things that need to be fixed but it’s livable and we’re going to begin furnishing it this weekend. Stay tuned for another update once that’s completed!

Since starting this project I’ve been surprised by the interest in our space, both from friends who are also looking to do home projects to people interested in renting it out. At this time we’re not looking to take on a permanent renter, we’ll list it on airbnb in the coming weeks which will allow us the flexibility to also use the space for family and friends when they come to visit.

Here are some before and after pictures of the carriage house.  Let me know what you think and any suggestions or furnishings or additions are welcome!

Carriage House - 1
Before – Framing, this will be the kitchenette wall (right) with closet and bathroom behind
Carriage House - 10
During – Walls are up!
Carriage House - 11
After – Kitchenette
Carriage House - 2
Before – Closet
Carriage House - 17
After – Closet
Carriage House - 18
After – Bathroom
Carriage House - 15
After – Platform bed area. I wish I had a before picture from this angle
Carriage House - 14
After – Vanity/Desk area between closet and bathrrom
Carriage House - 3
Before – Entryway steps
Carriage House - 19
After – Entryway steps

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