Wine project

I recently read an article about Marcos Alberti, a Brazilian photographer, who did a project on the visual impact wine has on people. I came across it through a Facebook link and found it fascinating.  As someone who really enjoys wine, I thought this could be a fun project to try myself.  So, this past Friday Ryan and I hosted a couple friends for dinner and asked if they would be willing to partake in something similar…everyone agreed.

The one “rule” was you couldn’t pour yourself another drink until you had your portrait taken.  This went on throughout the entire evening, but for the purposes of keeping everyone happy (and still willing to hang out with me) I am only sharing four pictures each. The main difference with our project and Alberti’s is we weren’t all drinking wine, but I think it still tells a similar story

Overall it was a really fun experience and I highly recommend doing something similar the next time you have a dinner party. Enjoy!

Nicole | Drink of choice: Rosé wine

Ryan | Drink of choice: Old Fashion, capping it off with a beer

Lesley | Drink of choice: Beer or Old Fashion

Brian | Drink of choice: Vodka with water

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