Summer Vibes

I can’t believe summer is quickly coming to an end.  I had high hopes for this season, and it definitely did not disappoint.  I know I’ve been a little slack on posting here…the late nights and long weekends have gotten the best of me.

Rather than write up everything we’ve been up to, I thought I would share our summer so far through pictures.  I hope you enjoy!

We’ve spent lots of time with friends and family…

Visited local parks, the zoo and Fernbank Museum more times than I can count…

Snuck a few “parents nights out” in there…

Started every Sunday with some coffee and the paper on the front porch…

Snuck in some much needed pool time…

Fell in love with watermelon…which we try to only eat in our birthday suit…

And I know Marley isn’t in a ton of pictures, but she has been there with us through it all xo…

Summer 2017

Hope you enjoyed!  xoxo


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