Nicole - 1 (1)

I am Boston bred, D.C. groomed and have planted roots in Atlanta. I am married to an amazing man, Ryan, who puts up with all my crazy and mom to a one year old boy, Jackson, and a fur-baby Marley. I have a passion for travel, dining out and entertaining.

This blog has changed a lot over the years, I started it in 2012 writing about my worldly travels, favorite restaurants and local Atlanta hot-spots.  Ryan and I then decided we wanted to experience a new culture and take a risk. In 2013 we left our corporate jobs, packed all our possessions into storage, waived goodbye to family and friends, and moved across the world to Thailand.  We spent about seven months traveling throughout Southeast Asia and documenting everything here along the way.

Fast forward to today where I am learning out to balance being a mom with my Advertising career and desire to travel as often as possible. I hope you follow along as I document everything from our life with a toddler to finishing out our carriage house to traveling with and without kids. Thanks for reading!

My family



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