My Favorite Books of 2015

I have a pretty long commute to work every day…while it’s technically only 22 miles from my house to the office it takes me at least 45 minutes in the morning and over an hour in the evenings. After months of this I thought I was going to go crazy in the car. Even with an XM Radio subscription I felt like I had heard every song 5x by the time I made it home, I had caught up with all of my friends and family who live around the country multiple times and NPR got depressing after a while. I really enjoyed listening to the Serial Podcast, but once I finished that I had trouble finding another one that held my attention consistently. Please pass along any podcast recommendations, I would love to check them out… Read More

Books I recommend

Like so many others I absolutely love to read.  The best is when a book is so captivating you don’t want to put it down – or can’t wait to pick it back up.  I enjoy getting wrapped up in a story and creating my idea of each character’s look.  My passion for reading can probably be traced back to elementary school.  My first grade teacher recommended holding me back a year because my reading was not up to par with my peers. My mom would have none of this and instead she and my nana took this as a challenge.  They were going to teach me to read at a more advanced level.  That summer, between first and second grade…I spent my days in a reading camp at the local library, was made to read at least one book a day and was not allowed to play outside unless my reading was done. And it worked!  Not only was I reading better but I was enjoying it too. Before the school year began I was tested to see my progression…to everyone’s surprise I could now read at a third grade level! Read More